As an investor and board member of several animal health companies, I believe nothing is more important than finding top talent. I have worked with Stacy Pursell for many, many years for good reason. She is 100% professional, thorough, well connected and well informed. I have full faith in her dedication and diligence to complete the task in a high-quality fashion.

Dennis F. Steadman
Founder of Merial and Velcera and Member of Steadman Capital


At Henry Schein Animal Health we have worked with Stacy Pursell and her team on a consistent basis for a number of years because she is the best in our business. Well-connected and well informed. We could not have wished for a more responsive and thoughtful recruitment consultant partner who always met our needs at both middle management and executive levels.

Peter McCarthy
Former President Henry Schein Animal Health.


Stacy has an excellent network within the industry and is extremely responsive to customer needs.
Hubert Trentesaux
Head of Global Business Operations at Virbac


“With Stacy’s help, I not only found a new role in industry, but thanks to her diligent work to create a good fit, I found a new and incredibly fulfilling career path that I had never imagined, that leverages my skills and passions in a way I hadn’t realized possible. I thank Stacy tremendously for opening my eyes to new possibilities and sending me on a path that has brought me the challenging and engaging work that I enjoy.”
Molly McAllister, DVM, MPH
Chief Medical Officer
Senior Vice President, Veterinary Affairs
Banfield Pet Hospital


“I have had the pleasure of working with Stacy over the last year.
Stacy is one of those rare search professionals that is genuinely devoted to her clients needs. Over the last 20+ years Stacy has successfully earned the position as the top high-end search professional in Animal Health, Animal Agriculture, Pet Tech and Veterinary Medicine. What I have found most unique about Stacy is her on unending passion and commitment to deliver the most advanced Leadership Acquisition Solutions. There is just no one better at securing high performance CEO/C-Suite leadership in Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine.
Working tirelessly to deliver only the most extraordinary leadership, Stacy enjoys the reputation as the leader in Animal Health, Pet Technology and Veterinary Medicine. Recognized as the best at securing the absolute highest performing CEOs, top C-Suite Executives and board members, Stacy is devoted to her clients Success.”

Jeff Christian
CEO and Founder of Christian and Timbers and Executive Search Expert, best selling author of “The Headhunter’s Edge” Random House
(Jeff placed the first female board of directors member at Apple.)


In an industry that attracts those who hide behind a fragile patina of hubris and bravado, it’s rare to find the real deal. Stacy Pursell is a genuine bona fide top producer who is also one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever known. I have met literally thousands of recruiters in my role as a coach and consultant/trainer to those in the industry. Stacy Pursell is one of the most impressive, and one who has earned not just my respect, but also my admiration. It’s rare to find someone with a clearly defined value system who is also adept at the nuance and achievement skills required to function as a high performing executive search consultant. It’s no surprise that she is one of the top billing recruiters in the industry. I highly recommend Stacy and her search work.
Scott Love
High-Stakes Headhunter for DC & NYC Law Firms (partners only) & Author/Keynote Speaker


Stacy is one of the highest producing recruiters in both revenue and quality of service in the recruiting industry. She is an absolute “guru” in her niche more tightly connected to quality talent than anyone else I am aware of in her market segment allowing her clients to see superior talent very quickly!!!
Mike Gionta
TheRecruiterU.com, The Hudson Consulting Group


Stacy is well connected and delivers. She listens to specific needs for a position and is successful in meeting those needs.
Bruce Truman
Animal Health Expert