Pet Care is one of the more traditional segments of the Pet Industry, as opposed to Pet Tech. That’s because it primarily involves pet-oriented healthcare, including Veterinary services. This segment goes beyond just treatment for diseases and other ailments and also includes preventative products and services for helping to keep pets and companion animals from contracting disease.

There has been a candidates’ market in the Veterinary profession for the past several years. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate in the profession was anywhere between 0.5% and 1.5%. Despite the effects of the pandemic, the unemployment rate in the Veterinary profession is not much higher than it was beforehand. Not only that, but according to the latest information released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of veterinarians is projected to grow 15 percent from 2019 to 2029. This illustrates the strength of the Veterinary profession, both now and well into the future.

This current growth and future projected growth has translated into a need for top talent within the profession, including executive level and C-suite candidates. TVR Executive Search specialize in Pet Care executive search services, and that is especially the case within the Veterinary profession. Without the right employees, companies and organizations are simply not able to keep up with the burgeoning demand that exists within the Pet Care segment overall and the Veterinary profession specifically. Consequently, these organizations can suffer in terms of their bottom line, since they’re not as productive, nor as profitable, as they could be.

This is why Pet Care executive search services are so crucial.


The overwhelming need for Pet Care executive search services

Regardless of the state of the employment marketplace or the economy overall, there is an overwhelming need for Pet Care executive search services. The explosive growth of the Pet Care segment of the Pet Industry, especially the Veterinary profession, is one reason for this need. Another reason is the fact there is a glaring lack of job candidates, especially top candidates in the marketplace to fill organization’s open positions. And in terms of top talent and the best candidates, there are certain rules that govern the marketplace:


Good economic conditions

Top executive candidates are typically treated extremely well by their current employers. This is, of course, because they’re top professionals and they provide a tremendous amount of value. Because of this, these professionals are less likely to consider other employment opportunities. However, if they are open to considering and even exploring other opportunities, there is a good chance that they are being wooed by multiple organizations. Regardless of which category into which a candidate falls, it is more difficult to engage, recruit, and successfully hire them. That’s because the competition for the services of these executive candidates is fierce.


Poor economic conditions

During poor conditions, the number of top executive candidates in Pet Care is the same as it was when conditions were good. Companies and organizations are often lulled into the belief that they hold the leverage in times such as these. However, that is not the case, especially in regards to the top candidates in the marketplace. That’s because, once again, their employers are doing everything in their power to keep these professionals happy and satisfied in their current role. That’s because, just as is the case during good economic times, these organizations can not afford to lose their top employees, for whatever reason. In addition, professionals, including top candidates, are less inclined to consider and explore other jobs and career opportunities during recessionary times, choosing instead to “hunker down” and wait for better circumstances.

Considering all of this, Pet Care companies and organizations looking to hire the top executive-level candidates in the marketplace must be proactive in their efforts to do so. A reactive approach will not results in the desired results, and in addition, will more than likely only lead to wasted amounts of time, energy, and money. Identifying top executive candidates is only the first step in the process of eventually hiring them. These candidates must also be actively recruited for the purpose of convincing them to both consider a new employment opportunity and then explore it. This is why companies and organizations choose to utilize the Pet Care executive search services of a firm like TVR Executive Search, which has nearly 30 years of combined experience working in the Pet Industry and the Pet Care segment of that industry.

TVR Executive Search is a workforce and workplace expert, and we can put the years of experience and our expertise to work for your organization. We can help you to find and successfully recruit and hire the top Pet Care executive candidates in the marketplace so they can become productive and valuable employees.

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Pet Care executive search services: now and in the future

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for top-level executive talent in Pet Care, especially in the Veterinary profession, is expected to grow during the next several years. That’s why your organization needs a firm with extensive experience providing Pet Care executive search services to employers in need of filling their most urgent, high-level positions with the best talent in the marketplace. TVR Executive Search is that firm. We have both the experience and the expertise necessary to ensure that your company remains competitive by recruiting and hiring top executive candidates who can truly make a difference within your organization.

At TVR Executive Search, we put an emphasis and place a premium on relationships—the building of relationships and the maintaining and nurturing of them. As our name suggests, we are partners with our clients. We partner with them to fully understand their needs, both in terms of a specific position they are trying to fill, and also within the larger scope of their business plans and organizational goals for the future. We are not successful unless our clients are successful, and we will bring that same commitment and level of focus to our relationship with your organization.

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